Sunday, February 22, 2009

Big Ass Tombstone.

So I haven’t been posting much lately…mostly because I don’t have a computer I can use for scanning and posting and doing things on. Yeah…anyway that doesn’t mean I haven’t been drawing, in fact I’ve been drawing a whole hell of a lot lately. A little story now. Last year at Comic Con I bought 2 art portfolios with 44 pages in it. I told myself I had 1 year (till next Comic Con) to fill all of the pages with my best work ever so as to get a job illustrating. Well Comic Con is fast approaching, and I have 21 pages left to fill. July 23…that’s when Comic Con is, so I have approximately 5 months to complete my task.
If you look at some of my earlier posts you’ll see some of the work that’s going into the portfolio. I hope to have more of it scanned and posted soon but a lack of free time and the lack of a computer with a scanner that I can use on a regular bases and not get yelled at by my boss has made that very difficult.

Oh well, now on to me showing off a little.

I’ve been on a big Mike Mignola kick lately (he’s the creator of Hellboy for those of you who don’t know) and so I decided to draw a nice pic of Hellboy in his style. I think it came out quite nice. Tell me what you think.

I call this one “Big Ass Tombstone.”
For obvious reasons.

More comming very soon.

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