Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Been a while...have some new art.

I've been working on a series of pieces based on some of my ideas and some of the classic Universal Horror Movie Monsters. I'm thinking of turning them into paintings once they're done.

These where all hand drawn then inked and colored in Illustrator and Photoshop.

I call this one Doctor Mysterious.
He's a character I created for a comic idea I had a while back

This one is called Portrait of a Count

This one is titled Portrait of a Monster

As an extra added bonus here are 2 more pieces I've been working on unrelated to the earlier series of images but I thought you might like them.

This one is called There's That Smile

And last but not least I call this one 'Lill Joker.
This one is based on art by Lee Bremejo

Other then the new art and working on some other projects I'm sad to report that I am no longer in the band Silent Noise. All I'm going to say is that the singer/guitarist and I had a...difference of opinion on a few subjects pertaining to the band and so I stepped out to pursue my own endeavors. Other then that things have been going quite well and when I have more to report or more art to post I shall.

Talk to you soon.