Monday, May 4, 2009

Been a while

Hey there, sorry I haven't been around in a while (not having a computer will do that to you). Everything is going well here, the band has another show coming up pretty soon...

new flyer may9

Speaking of the band, we played the House of Blues show back in March and I would have to say it was quite a success. See for your self...

Some Photos

We also played a show at the Roxxy in April. And that was pretty cool to. We'll be in the studio in the comming months, I plan on doing a lot of in studio photos and post them as we go. If all things go according to plan I'll be posting new music before the end of the year.

No art to show yet but I'm working on a few new fancy things. I'll have some of that up soon I hope. I switched to the graveyard shift here at work, it's a bit of a transition but I hope it'll give me a bit more time to get some of my stuff done.

Talk to you all soon,