Sunday, October 4, 2009

months gone by

So...where do I even start with this? Ummmmmmm...what was the last thing I said? Oh the band is almost done with the album. Just a few finishing touches and it's done. I'm doing all the artwork for the cd cover, it's looking pretty sweet if I do say so myself. We hope to have it out by Christmas.

Lets see...what else. I moved into a new apartment. My new situation is a million times better. I'm way closer to work, like a 15 minute walk close, my new roommate is awesome...though I only really ever see her on the weekends or when shes comming home from work and I'm leaving for work (I work the graveyard shift now) our schedules are so different.

I just bought a new laptop it's pretty pimp, it's an Acer Aspire AMD Athalon x2 Dual-Core 2.1GHz processor, with 3GB DDR2, 320GB HDD, DVDRW and a 15.6" WXGA monitor (not that you care but I like geeking out about it). This means I will be posting a hell of a lot more in the future and it also means I may actually start doing some things of a more productive nature. I'll be posting new art up here soon as well and more frequently (for those of you who give a shit).

OK so that's it for now. oh wait I wanted to share this with you before I go.
Jhonen Vasquez's blog I laughed my ass off when I found this and I hope you will too.

Hope your day sucks less then yesterday,


Friday, October 2, 2009

Ladies & Gentalmen...Boys & Girls!!!

I'm back online!!! I just got a new laptop and am ready and able to go forward with this thing!! This means more frequent updates, more art and more stuff in general. You're so lucky.