Sunday, November 30, 2008

In the Begining...

So this is going to be my first of many blogs here about my art. I have a deviant art site up but it's not really what I want, or how I want to showcase my art, plus I'm kind of sick of the way deviant art is set up and how many adds there are all over the place (yuck).

This is also going to be a place for me to rant and yell and scream about things in general but I'll try to keep that to a dull roar.

I also want to throw in bits here and there about the comics I'm reading, the art I'm loving, the music I'm, movies I'm watching and things about my band, like upcoming shows and recordings maybe video clips or in studio stuff. Just the things I find fun and love to do and talk about.

So first up here are a few drawings I've been working on for a series in my portfolio I call...

Robots & Monsters!!!

This is my original pencil drawing for my interpretation Frankenstein’s monster.

And here is the final inked version...ready for color (coming soon)